Parakeet Diploma

An illustrated essay on the roles of creativity when teaching interdisciplinary studio art lessons to elementary students.


P.S. 39

K - 5th Grade Art


William Holman

Rebecca Bird curated a pair of my pencil and watercolor drawings for a group show.





2nd, 3rd, 8th Grade Art:



10th Grade Chemistry + 9th-12th Grade Drawing and Painting



5th grader




The Labyrinth Wall

Exit Art invited me to participate in a group show titled "The Labyrinth Wall." A maze of artist-designed partitions installed in the 10th Avenue gallery. 

My 72-inch photo is of a niveous path enclosed by LIRR waste freights. It was taken with a Holga camera and printed at Griffin Editions. 


Mark Bradford

Sikkema Jenkins Gallery
530 West 22nd Street

The exhibit named "Nobody Jones" by Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bradford includes six mammoth sized works on canvas. Stretching up to 100 x 150 inches, they befit a big gallery. Likewise, Bradford's compositions couple two expanses. These are swarms of small irregular shapes and lines within contrasting monochromatic borders. In Ghost Money and Giant the busy swarms are abruptly gated, only a few lines breach into the outskirts. Both these works from 2007 conjure winding L.A. expressways and sprawls of megacities. Another, titled Boreas evokes both a topography and paintings. Here a more relaxed network of lines recalls a Mondrian tree or a MirĂ³ dream however is acutely surrounded in what appears to be reflective aluminum roof coating.

Up close, the surface of Bradford's curving lines and shapes reveal a braided swath of analog materials. Remnants of paper advertisements are recognizable however the sales pitches are obscured. His technique to intricately refashion his collaged sources may include sanding or scraping. In a backroom of the gallery an all paper stratification is removed from stretcher bars. It resembles a time warped billboard but with recent headline: James Brown is Dead.